Barcelona Catalonia
Keeps on rocking!
Barcelona Catalonia consists of a series of projects located in the metropolitan area that define a new urban model which is fairer, more efficient and more sustainable.
Economic growth should go hand in hand with the development of a country. And the challenge is to do so inclusively, sustainably and cohesively.

Catalonia has always been a welcoming country, inclusive by definition. The strategic location of the country has made Barcelona a focal point for social and economic regeneration throughout history. With this heritage Barcelona-Catalonia is committed to promoting economic activity which is respectful of the environment and clean technologies.

The structure of Catalonia can be explained on three levels, indicating a cohesive model. It has a strong, consolidated central point, Barcelona, which is growing with its metropolitan area and offering responses for its own needs, those of the country, and external, global needs. Its expansion takes in strategic outlying areas. This structure is made possible by the existing network of connections and infrastructure, which allows the three territorial levels to interact efficiently and sustainably. The Mediterranean corridor is the bridge between this cohesive internal model and the rest of the world.

To address these new challenges, also present in the New Urban Agenda, approved by the United Nations, the Government of Catalonia, through Incasòl, and Barcelona City Council are committed to the Barcelona Catalonia project to promote the development of new strategic projects, especially in the Barcelona metropolitan area, and to creating the most effective logistics around the Mediterranean corridor, making Catalonia an entry and exit point for freight from southern and central Europe.

Barcelona Catalonia
Strategic Areas
Barcelona has an international, open and cosmopolitan vocation. It is committed to a model of inclusive growth, which generates wealth and a diversified economy.

With these ingredients, the city is very attractive for foreign investment and international talent, creating quality jobs.

The areas and projects that constitute Catalonia Barcelona have a strategic location and an infrastructure network that favour the development of a business community together with services for companies, exporters and importers, and for international operators.